Heres Your First Look at Mazdas RWD-Based SUVs – The Drive

The new CX-60 has been slated for a formal release by 2023, although a precise date for its introduction hasn’t been announced yet. Importantly, the CX-60 is set to be one of the first Mazdas equipped with the company’s new turbocharged, mild-hybrid inline-six engine, which has been hotly anticipated. Which powerplants the two CX-60s that were spotted in Japan were equipped with is unclear, however. It’s possible that lower trims will be offered with some flavor of Mazda’s 2.5-liter four-cylinder. 

The Soul Red car is probably a sportier version of the two-row CX-60, as it’s equipped with blacked-out wheels, mirrors, and trim. The white car looks like a higher trim as well, as it has large alloy wheels and chrome accents around the grille and windows. Below, you can watch the full clip showing the cars.

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