Next-Gen BMW X5 Looks Epic With XM-Inspired Styling – CarBuzz

It turns out that combining the X5’s more conventional profile with a few of the XM’s details and toning everything down makes for a rather handsome SUV. There’s barely any part of the XM’s sheetmetal that hasn’t been twisted, creased, or needlessly blown up in size. Our resident artist used a much smaller version of the octagonal grille on this blue X5, increased the size of those oddly small headlights, and toned down the detailing on the lower bumper. As you can see, the ‘XM-ified’ face of the X5 is striking and modern. It’s all about proportion, as each individual element matches the size of the vehicle it’s attached to. The hood was given subtle humps, and we darkened the A-pillars.

Along the sides, the more conservative X5’s beltline was dispensed with. Here, it rises as it travels along the body, as on the XM. The wheel arches are also dark and squared-off.

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