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WACO, Texas (KWTX) – A Central Texas company that’s lasted for generations is unfortunately closing its doors.

After 96 years, Central Freight Lines will shut down its business.

Cassandra Alexander is a single mother of three that’s been a delivery driver for the company for the last four years. However, after scrolling through her phone yesterday afternoon, she found out that she and more than 2,000 other coworkers were without a job.

“It’s a big shock to all of us and mainly to me because we weren’t told anything,” she said.

“I found out through social media. I just didn’t know that it would be like this, without any warning right before Christmas. We’re literally less than two weeks from it and it’s just crazy.”

Central Freight Will officially cease picking up new shipments effective Monday and expects to deliver all freight remaining by December 20, citing too much debt and an inability to pay bills.

As if it couldn’t come at a worse time, Alexander says she will have to quickly adjust financially just to make ends meet in these next few months.

“We just now were getting back on our feet,” she said.

“I was recently diagnosed with Leukemia around two years ago. Everything was back on track and going well with Christmas coming around. Now, with this, Christmas is gonna be affected, bills are gonna be affected and my daughter’s birthdays are next months. It’s just stressful.”

After reports of the company’s impending closure broke yesterday, Central Freight Lines released the following statement to the public:

Moving forward, Alexander is uncertain of where to go next but remains hopeful.

“I’ll start applying for jobs, that’s all I can do and hope for the best,” she said.

“I have four years of experience so hopefully I can find someone out there that will hire me. I just hope they do pay us for the unemployment we deserve.”

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