US Amazon web services outage hits Netflix, Slack, Ring and Doordash – The Guardian


Amazon Web Services cloud faces internet connectivity issues in two regions on the US West Coast


Wed 15 Dec 2021 12.15 EST

Amazon’s cloud service, Amazon Web Services, briefly faced internet connectivity problems in two regions on the US West Coast on Wednesday, marking the second time in less than two weeks that the service was disturbed.

AWS, which is a public cloud service provider, supports online infrastructures of many companies, including Netflix.

AWS’s dashboard on Wednesday morning showed that it was investigating internet connectivity difficulties in the Oregon and northern California regions. The dashboard later updated to say the problem had been resolved.

According to, the outage affected services at Netflix, Slack, Amazon’s Ring and DoorDash.

Downdetector tracks outages by collating status reports from a number of sources, including user-submitted errors on its platform.

Amazon’s live-streaming site, Twitch, also said its services had faced several issues.

A major outage disrupted Amazon’s cloud services for several hours last week. That outage lasted for several hours, and resulted in Netflix, Disney+, Robinhood and a slew of other services being inaccessible. Last week’s outage impacted the US-East-1 Region.












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