Cramers lightning round: I prefer crypto over gold as a hedge – CNBC

Academy Sports and Outdoors: “I think this stock is really cheap. Now, I am a hunter. I am not as biased as a lot other people. I think it’s a cheap stock, and it should be bought.”

23andMe: “[CEO] Anne Wojcicki … has to do health care. If they are just the kind of, ‘well, let me see where I’m from and what I’m from,’ that’s a no-go. They have to make that deal with [GlaxoSmithKline] work big. It has to work very, very big.”

Barrick Gold Corp: “I have historically liked Barrick Gold. I am not giving up on it. Yield is 2%. But gold has lost its ability to be a hedge, and we all have to recognize that. I used to say that gold should be a 10% hedge. Now it’s only 5%. I prefer crypto to gold.”

Everbridge: “[Former CEO David Meredith] resigned, and what I like when someone resigns just out of nowhere is an honest view of what the heck happened. I would like that. … I can’t recommend a stock, even if I think it’s great, if I don’t know what happened to the CEO.”

Denali Therapeutics: “I know this because I do a lot of work with brains … and I can tell you that’s a very hard call, and that’s a very speculative situation. We’ve been trying to develop some medicines that go beyond that, and … it’s just very, very hard to do.”

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