Cramers lightning round: Im done hating on AT&T at these levels – CNBC

Fiverr: “No. Remember the criteria: We need to have companies that are profitable that sell at a price-to-earnings ratio, not a price-to-sales ratio. They have to be profitable.”

State Street Corporation: “I like State Street very much, but I’ve got to tell you, let me do you even better. I think Morgan Stanley, the charitable trust has been buying Morgan Stanley. … I think it’s cheaper, better, with better growth and really fabulous management.”

Virgin Galactic: “Virgin Galactic Holdings is a classic example of a stock that you want to buy when the Fed is easing or got rates low. When the Fed is tightening, there really is no kind of value that you’re going to get.”

AT&T: “Today it got upgraded. … I said today at $22, the hate is over. I’m no longer putting the hate on AT&T. Enough is enough. It’s gotten low enough, and I said it on “Squawk on the Street” when the stock was up 10 cents, and I’m going to stick by that position even though the stock was up very big today because enough is enough. No matter how much I don’t like those guys — and I don’t — at this price? Enough.”

Camtek: “I like Camtek. I like the space. I like Camtek. I think you’ve got a good one.”

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