Elon Musk derides Joy Reid as a lobbyist for Sen. Karen amid Elizabeth Warren tax spat – New York Post

Elon Musk has ridiculed MSNBC’s star host, dubbing her “(Lack of) Joy Reid” and accusing her of being a “lobbyist for Sen. Karen” in his ongoing spat with Elizabeth Warren.

Musk, 50, took aim at Reid after she called him “the absolute worst” — and even accused him of “misappropriating black vernacular for misogynistic purposes” by using the widely used dismissive term “Karen.”

The world’s richest man responded to a clip of Reid’s TV tirade by tweeting Thursday, “(Lack of) Joy Reid is a lobbyist for Sen Karen,” repeating the dismissive term he’d earlier used to describe Warren (D-Mass.).

Musk and Warren have been feuding ever since the Massachusetts senator accused him earlier this week of being a freeloader who doesn’t pay taxes, saying he was not worthy of being named Time magazine’s Person of the Year.

In response, the Tesla founder compared Warren to an “angry Mom” and asked her not to “call the manager” on him.

Reid came to Warren’s defense ahead of her interview with the senator, saying, “Elon wasn’t happy, so he did what he always did, and stomped his little feet and insulted Senator Warren. Calling her an ‘angry mom’ and referring to her as Senator Karen.

“So, for so many reasons — being a freeloader, and a selfish and disrespectful one, and for misappropriating black vernacular for misogynistic purposes — Elon Musk is the absolute worst,” the host continued.

“Meanwhile, Senator Warren has better things to do than fight with Junior Birdman on Twitter,” she said of the space-travel pioneer whose net worth is an estimated $243 billion.

A clip of Reid’s tirade was widely shared online — with many mocking her for accusing Musk of “misappropriating black vernacular” for using the term “Karen,” which became common parlance last year over a series of viral videos of angry, entitled white women.

Elizabeth Warren Joy Reid
Reid came to Warren’s defense ahead of her interview with the senator.
The Reid Out / MNSBC

The tweet Musk had responded to noted the added irony of Reid’s attack coming before she interviewed Warren, whose reputation has long been blighted by her claims to have Native American ancestry.

“Lol @elonmusk accused of cultural appropriation but Pocahontas isn’t,” tweeted Brianna Lyman, a host for the conservative Daily Caller.

“Groundbreaking stuff from Joy Reid per usual!!”

Elon Musk, Time's "Person of he Year
Musk was recently named Time magazine’s Person of the Year.
MARK MAHANEY/TIME / TIME Person of the Year/AFP via Getty Images

Many others also made clear who is winning the war of words between Musk and Warren.

“It’s amazing that Elon Musk owns Tesla, SpaceX, Neuralink, The Boring Company, and Elizabeth Warren,” Free Beacon social media manager Jordan Chamberlain wrote in a tweet that Musk shared with a laughing emoji.

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