I have Covid, Jim Cramer says. He says hes been triple vaccinated and has a mild case – CNBC

CNBC’s Jim Cramer said Monday he’s tested positive for Covid and isolating at home with a mild case.

“I have Covid. I came down with Covid on Thursday night,” Cramer said on “Squawk on the Street.” He added he’s been triple vaccinated: two shots of Moderna and a Moderna booster.

“I know exactly how I got it,” he said. “I was at an event where you had to have PCR [tests].”

“I got it that night from someone who was tested that day,” he said. “The problem is it works so fast. You can’t stop it.

Cramer said his wife is sicker than he is. “She had J&J and Moderna,” he revealed, referring to the Johnson & Johnson Covid vaccine and a Moderna booster shot.

Moderna said before-the-bell Monday a third dose of its Covid vaccine appears to provide significant protection against omicron. Shares opened 9% higher. But they pared those gains shortly thereafter — and by midday, were lower.

Without a booster, Moderna’s vaccine has been been found to be far less effective against omicron. The company said it’ll continue to develop an omicron-specific booster.

“If you’d like to lessen the chance of getting very sick, I think you should get vaccinated,” Cramer said. “There’s never a cold I’ve had that was as weak as this. Ever.”

Cramer also said, “I feel terrible those who’ve been sick; of course for the families of people who’ve lost someone. But I do have, I believe, omicron. And because I’ve been fortunate enough to be vaccinated, it has not really impacted me.”

Despite getting Covid himself and despite the omicron variant spreading as delta cases remain elevated, the “Mad Money” host said he doesn’t understand what he called the “profound negativity” on Wall Street.

The recent market sell-off, including Monday’s decline, looks like a chance to buy stocks, Cramer said.

“The idea that everything’s for sale is an opportunity, not a negativity,” he added. “The gloom is so palpable that you might want to take the other side of that trade.”

Shortly after making these comments, Cramer told his “CNBC Investing Club” that he’s buying more shares of Chevron on weakness for this charitable trust.

“I am more sanguine than people who are selling,” he said on TV. “There are people who are panicking. I don’t like to sell panic. I like to buy panic.”

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 (Jim Cramer’s Charitable Trust is long CVX.)

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