How Meta exec Andrew Bosworth rose to become a key metaverse architect – Business Insider

  • Andrew Bosworth is a key executive at Meta, the company formerly known as Facebook.
  • Bosworth will become CTO of Meta next year and will play a key role in its metaverse ambitions.
  • He has been at the company since 2006 and has become one of Mark Zuckerberg’s key lieutenants.

Andrew Bosworth, also known as “Boz” inside the company formerly known as Facebook, is lined up to play a key role in the tech giant’s future.

Facebook announced in October it was rebranding as Meta, a new parent company that encompasses two major businesses. The first is Facebook’s traditional business of social media, the second is Reality Labs — which Meta hopes will build out CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s ambitions of turning it into a “metaverse company.”

Not only does Bosworth head up Reality Labs, next year he is set to become the chief technology officer (CTO) of Meta.

Here’s what you need to know about Andrew Bosworth:

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