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Full of utility, low on reputation

Waves from DEX to… a hybrid exchange, and more

Waves is a smart contract platform, an exchange, & it’s own native token. These 3 all meet at the waves.exchange. The exchange operates as a hybrid DEX where they don’t have your private keys, but, assets like BTC, ETH, XMR are wrapped in smart contracts.

They have an online option or even a download of their exchange as well. Waves EX is fast,cheap, has smart contracts, mass transfers, & decent liquidity on the major pairs. The fees are measured in fractions of a penny and they make it one of the easiest exchanges to airdrop on.

Waves token itself is a great crypto for transferring, the issue for price has been inflation. They recently voted to slow inflation rate because the community caught on to the issue themselves. Hard to think miners would support a pay cut but I think most understand it’s in everyone’s best interest.

Meatloaf and tendies tonight, BTC is up!

The best feature on Waves is all the free junk you get in your wallet. I do mean it when I say junk. Free tokens valued at $10,000’s, if you got the right ones, long enough ago. I’ve been on the exchange since launch (2017). Since joining, I’ve racked up a fortune in junk that no one is buying, like SURGE.

99% of the stuff that ends up in your wallet will be impossible to sell. Every once in a while you’ll get the token version of a hidden gem. I received a waves token that ended up paying me back over a 10x, so far. Just owning a Waves wallet brings you free crypto. Waves even allows other WAVES tokens to be used for transaction fees.Such a cool feature for users like me, who have too many tokens that can’t be cashed out.

WAU coin on WAVES is an interesting token I came across. I ended up putting actual $ into it, the token was priced under $10. I didn’t put much and Waves wiped their system since then. My 3 digit $ investment has done a 100x my intial buy in, on paper. 3 digit investment into a 5 digit is great, but it’s all on paper of course.

Try to cash out more than $100 at any given time and you send price crashing more than 50%. WAU was designed to go up in price, it’s a smart contract with complicated tokenomics and a lack of marketing. The token, shot up to over $350 without many buyers. WAU has a 1,000,000 max supply and smart contract features that are supposed to keep price from crashing and staying low. It’s a brilliant smart contract token, if a bit of a strange puppy but, I’m sure I’ll come back to WAU.

Waves allows a mass transfer feature that lets you promote inexpensively, 100 addresses for 1 WAVE. I’ve seen telegram bots that will airdrop for you, for 5 WAVES. A lot of services based on and around waves are Russian or eastern European. Make sure you understand where your crypto is going before interacting with telegram bots.

Waves has one of the better defi options for a crypto exchange. USDN is a stablecoin from the nuetrino project. Staking the stablecoin, on the defi section of the exchange, brings 10–13% a year. Their defi includes lending/borrowing, liquidity tool for token creators, & instant swaps.

Go get some of that free money.

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Pixies easter egg, for the 2 people who read to the bottom of my posts.

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