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These days, I’m not so sure which is more outlandish: the stuff tech magnate Elon Musk does or the stuff his fans do. In recent days, it seems pretty clear that Musk and his fans have come to a digital tie in this area.

After creating a poll to let the public decide whether he should sell 10% of his Tesla stock and pay taxes (spoiler: the “Yes” votes won) on Saturday, Musk decided to change his Twitter profile name to “Lorde Edge” with no explanation. This is something he does every once in a while, so it wasn’t too much of a surprise. What was different this time is that his fans latched on to “Lorde Edge” and created a memecoin on the Ethereum blockchain of the same name. And people bought it.

According to cryptocurrency price-tracking website CoinMarketCap, the Lorde Edge coin had an average $11 million trading volume, which refers to how much cryptocurrency was traded, in the last 24 hours. As of the publication of this blog, the token was worth $0.00001065.

While that’s less than a penny, the fact that it’s even worth that much is bizarre considering it’s either a total waste of money or a scam.

On the Lorde Edge website, written in a font that looks like Comic Sans, the cryptocurrency is described as “is the first of its kind token celebrating the Dogefather and crypto CEO, Elon Musk!” A “promotional video” on the group’s Twitter profile says the token was created by Musk, which is not true, and promotes a seemingly nonexistent marketing strategy.

In case you were wondering, the coin’s logo is a Shibu Inu with green hair smoking a joint.

“Directly following Elon Musk’s twitter name change, this token pays tribute to our one and only leader in mooning multiple projects such as DOGE and SHIB,” the founders wrote, typos theirs. “And of course… ELON – known as Dogelon Mars!”

While Musk is known to have diehard fans, that’s a lot of love and worship for a mere human being. Just saying.

Lorde Edge bills itself as a token that aims to “Predict THE FUTURE of the moon mission by creating it.” Considering that taking humans to the Moon is currently a matter between SpaceX, headed by Musk, and NASA, who knows what the Lorde Edge founders hope to create.

Please think long and hard before you buy any Lorde Edge, or better yet, don’t buy it at all. (In case this sways you, Musk changed his Twitter name back to “Elon Musk.”) The internet is ripe with cryptocurrency scams lately, such as the Squid Game scam and the “Mando” scam (the latter of which refers to The Mandalorian). This wouldn’t be anything new.

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