Jeff Bezos sends a message to Leo Steal Yo Girl DiCaprio – Los Angeles Times

Hey, Leonardo DiCaprio — Jeff Bezos has a message for you. Right over here by this super-dangerous cliff.

The Amazon founder jokingly threatened the actor after a clip of DiCaprio chatting up Bezos’ girlfriend, Lauren Sánchez, went viral over the weekend. The three were hanging out at LACMA’s 10th Art + Film Gala on Saturday night.

“Leo, come over here, I want to show you something…,”Bezos tweeted Monday morning, captioning a photo of himself leaning on a red sign that reads, “DANGER! Steep Cliff. Fatal Drop.”

In the viral clip, Sánchez appears to be making lovey-dovey eyes and smiling flirtatiously at DiCaprio — though that might be due to their significant difference in height.

Tweets had rained down over the weekend after Variety reporter Marc Malkin tweeted out video of the exchange late Saturday, asking: “Do we think Leo is going into space?,” where Bezos went via his Blue Origin rocket ship in July. Though the tweet had only a couple dozen retweets, the video lodged itself momentarily in the platform’s collective brain.

“Leo is Mr. Steal Yo Girl,” Barstool Sports tweeted Sunday with short clip from that video. “BEZOS LOOKIN LIKE LEO BOUTA SEND HIM TO THE BAR TO GET HIM AND SHORTY DRINKS,” the Kid Mero wrote.

And a bunch of people chimed in with variations on the themes of “Find you someone who looks at you the way Jeff Bezos’ girlfriend looks at Leo DiCaprio” and “Leo gonna lose his Prime account.”

Meanwhile, user @poshyspices aimed to bring people back down to Earth early Monday, writing: “y’all projecting HEAVY on that jeff bezos/leonardo dicaprio/lauren sanchez video. … for all y’all know leo could’ve been telling her that he enjoys feeding baby penguins, and here y’all are projecting and making assumptions.”

The LACMA event was a celebration of the night’s honorees, artists Amy Sherald and Kehinde Wiley and filmmaker Steven Spielberg, as well as the museum’s premiere of two major exhibitions, “The Obama Portraits Tour” and “Black American Portraits.”

DiCaprio showed up to the gala after spending time last week at the U.N.’s 2021 climate change summit in Glasgow, Scotland.

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