Avon Lake Speedway mixes up gas and diesel – WKYC.com

The discovery was made at the Speedway gas station at Route 83 and Walker Road.

AVON LAKE, Ohio — There is a warning out for drivers who may have filled up their gas tank at Speedway earlier this week in Avon Lake.

Drivers who purchased gas on Tuesday, November 9, at the gas station located on Route 83 and Walker Road may have purchased tainted gas according to 7-Eleven, the parent company of Speedway.

In a statement sent to 3News, the company says “On Tuesday, November 9, we received reports of tainted gas and took immediate action to stop sales of gasoline. We have closed gas operations to remove and dispose of tainted gasoline. We plan to re-open gas operations after corrections are completed. Customers who believe their car was impacted may call 1-800-643-1948.”

3News has confirmed that automotive shops in the area have been texting their customers about the recent issue and advising them to call if they believe they have received the tainted gas.

There is no word on when the gas station will reopen.

This is a developing story. Check back with 3News for updates as we receive them. 

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