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Introduced in 1985, the Honda Integra went into hibernation in 2006 along with the Acura RSX. Indirectly replaced by the CSX in Canada and ILX in the United States, the front-wheel-drive Integra was revived by Guangqi Honda in China with Civic underpinnings two months ago. A separate Integra will be marketed in the United States for the 2023 model year, a five-door liftback sedan that – dare I say it – is a bit of a letdown.
For starters, the Civic Si bits and pieces aren’t particularly exciting. The 1.5-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine is easily outperformed by the 2.0-liter Accord Sport, and the six-speed manual transmission is “available” rather than “standard” as per the automaker’s press release for the Integra.

I’m aware that dual-clutch and some torque-converter automatics are quicker, but come on! In my honest opinion, the long-awaited revival of the Integra should’ve been more focused on the driving experience rather than how quickly the driver can upshift in auto mode or with the paddle shifters.

Another problem with the five-door liftback is the number of doors, which is understandable because the Integra replaces the ILX in Acura’s lineup. But for a low-volume car that is expected to appeal to enthusiasts, a three- or two-door Integra would’ve been more suitable. Finally, look at it!

The INTEGRA decals look completely out of place, the Diamond Pentagon grille has this “look at me” aesthetics to it, and the automaker goes fully obnoxious with the INTEGRA embossings under the driver-side headlight and passenger-side taillight. Given this vanilla approach to exterior design, pixel artist Marouane Bembli is much obliged to fix up the Integra in Photoshop with a few notable mods, starting with the number of doors.

Described as “a missed opportunity,” the virtual tuner also works his magic on the front-end styling, wheels, and the rear by adding a humongous wing inspired by the DC2. The DC2 Integra Type R also inspired the aforementioned embossings, but as opposed to the original, the 2023 model year will never ever be featured in a top 10 list of best-handling FWD cars.

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