Hilarious: Iceland Mocks Metaverse With New Ad Campaign – One Mile at a Time

Iceland is back with another brilliant ad campaign promoting tourism. First for some background…

Mark Zuckerberg recently unveiled Metaverse, which is a new virtual reality social ecosystem of the future that Facebook has already invested $10 billion in. This was revealed as part of the announcement of Facebook (the company, rather than the website) being rebranded as Meta, given all the controversy surrounding the company.

Zuckerberg showcased this new concept in a rather bizarre and awkward video.

Iceland introduces… Icelandverse!

Iceland is known for its viral marketing campaigns, and a few days ago Iceland unveiled its latest such video, which is a hilarious parody of Zuckerberg’s Metaverse. The 2min24sec video is intended to “introduce the Icelandverse,” and it’s narrated by a fictional character named Zack Mossbergsson, who is described as the “Chief Visionary Officer” (and he bears quite a resemblance to Zuckerberg).

Mossbergsson is intentionally awkward throughout the video. Rather than promoting all the cool things you can do in virtual reality, he highlights all of the fun things you can do in real life if you visit Iceland. Icelandverse is described as “a revolutionary approach of how to connect our world without being super weird,” and as an “enhanced actual reality without silly-looking headsets.”

You can watch the video for yourself here:

Iceland has long been creative and edgy with its ad campaigns, though this has to be one of the best ever, in my opinion. And boy, it sure does make me want to visit Iceland again!

Bottom line

Iceland has released its latest viral ad campaign, which mocks Facebook’s Metaverse concept. Rather than being so focused on virtual reality, the focus is on all the incredible things you can enjoy in real life in Iceland. Well played, Iceland!

What do you make of the Icelandverse ad campaign?

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