Cramers lightning round: Only autonomous vehicle play I think about is Nvidia – CNBC

Verizon: “Yeah, you get the good dividend. It’s doing fine. It is absolutely not going to create huge wealth for you, but it’s going to create a nice stream of income. Sometimes, that’s worth it.”

Pfizer: “Pfizer is doing so well, and I think it’s going to be doing better. Let me tell you: It is a terrific company that deserves all of the good things happening to it, because they’ve done a great job on the [Covid] vaccine.”

Alteryx: “I cannot believe how low this stock has gotten. This has a really great product, but these are the stocks that are out of favor that I’m warning people to hold onto because they will bounce, and then we’ll make a decision.”

Aurora Innovation: “This is self-driving. When we do self-driving we only think about one company and … its name is Nvidia. OK? That’s it.”

Arbor Realty Trust: “I won’t buy mezzanine loan companies because I don’t know what’s really inside them. I’m going to have to take a pass.”

Logitech: “They’ve eviscerated it, and it’s now down to $80. I cannot counsel selling this company. Its stock is just way too low, and it’s got a lot of great things in the pipe. I’m not going to tell you to sell Logitech.”

Keysight Technologies: “This thing has just been a rocket ship. … I would take a little bit off the table, and then you can let the rest run.”

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