Black Friday drone deals: DJI Mavic Mini combo drops to its lowest ever price –

This brilliant Black Friday drone deal on Amazon has knocked the price of the Mavic Mini combo down to just $298.99. That’s a whopping $200.01 less than the standard price of the model, which usually retails for $499. Unfortunately the deal is only live for Black Friday (November 26) so you’ll need to move quickly if you want to buy it.

It’s the lowest ever price we’ve seen on this combo, which is why we rate it as one of the best Black Friday drone deals. And not only will you get the compact Mavic Mini drone when you purchase this particular package, you’ll also get three extra batteries, three spare propellers, two micro USB cables along with a two-way charging hub. 

There are more small accessories thrown into the deal, too, but the headline here is those three extra batteries, which should mean plenty of extra flight time when you take this drone out for a spin. Given that the estimated flight time is 30 minutes per battery, this should give you ample time to capture images, video and just play around.

DJI produces some of the best drones on the market and the Mavic Mini is no exception. It sports a 12MP camera and is capable of shooting 2.7K video, which should satisfy most new drone photographers. 

What’s more, it’s super lightweight at just 249 g (8.8oz) and really compact too, measuring just 140×81×57 mm when folded. Because it’s so small, you don’t have to register it with the FAA – although the usual drone regulations and restrictions still apply.

The Mavic Mini has now been replaced by the DJI Mini 2, but the original model still packs quite a punch, as outlined above. It was only released in 2019, so this is a relatively swift and impressive drop in price.

As mentioned, this deal is only live until the end of Black Friday. Buy it now if you want to take advantage of that special price – or head over to our round-up of the best Black Friday drone deals if you’re looking for a different model.

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