Personal Development & Prosperity

The concept of attracting more prosperity is a fundamental drive for many Personal Development students. Gaining more prosperity becomes a ‘must’ for many people who wish to embark on a plan of Self Improvement. They think increasing their prosperity will improve their lives and make them happy. However, prosperity alone is not enough! It is desirable, in fact necessary, to invite more abundance into your life instead of focusing purely on prosperity.

The concept of having more abundance in our lives means much more than the concept of having more prosperity. Prosperity tends to bring images to mind of wealth in a physical sense, whereas abundance means much more than this.

Having abundance in all areas of your life is the aim of a good personal development or self improvement plan. When you understand that abundance includes prosperity and wealth as well as health, loving relationships and fulfilling life purposes then you are opening yourself up to having so much more.

In order to fully integrate the concept, of having more abundance, into your life all that is necessary is to become aware of the abundance that surrounds you constantly. The planet you live on is abundant with air, water and food. There are over 6 billion people in the world all with unique views, experiences and special life paths. There is an abundance of trees, grass and wildlife. This planet is teeming with abundance. Likewise, there are abundant opportunities to grow, expand and meet new people with different views and beliefs.

Expand your consciousness, or awareness, of the abundance that is all around you. As you expand your vision to include these myriad of things you will find more opportunities opening up for because your vision will have widened to see and accept them.

If you want better relationships then look for the people who are already sharing love, laughter and life together. They are all around you. Be aware of the people that are already in your life. Look at the positive aspects of those relationships and take your attention away from the problems or aspects that you feel are missing.

If you want more money notice how many people there are already enjoying the prosperity you seek and be aware that. In 1 year’s time there will be many more – more millionaires are made every year! Look at the money you already posses. You can feed yourself, cloth yourself and shelter yourself. If you seek peace and good health then begin to open your awareness to how many people there are that already enjoy it.

Become more conscious of those areas where you do have abundance, relationships, wealth and health. What you put your attention on grows!

You are already abundant! Realize that you are living better now than Kings and Emperors that lived thousands and even hundreds of years ago. They didn’t have running water, central heating, fast transport, TVs, radios, microwaves, mobile phones, Internet etc.

Abundance is a state of mind. When you develop that state of mind your body and world will follow. Personal Development teachers the world over tell us the same thing – if we want to attract or create something we must first do it in our minds! So create in yourself a feeling of gratitude for the abundance that is in your life and that constantly surrounds you. Be aware of the joyful experiences you do have in your life and you will increase those experiences. Do this and you will attract more and enjoy more.

Remember, we always get more of what we focus on. So if you want more abundance don’t concentrate on the lack in your life. Look for the abundance that already exists. This is taking on the consciousness of abundance and is also known as ‘prosperity consciousness’ and it works! Try it you might just like it!

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