Delta SkyMiles & Instacart Launch Partnership – One Mile at a Time

It’s always great to see airline loyalty programs team up with other companies to offer perks and points earning opportunities for members. Delta SkyMiles is launching a partnership with grocery delivery service Instacart next week. With this, all SkyMiles members can earn miles for grocery deliveries, while SkyMiles elite members can receive a complimentary premium membership.

Earn Delta SkyMiles for Instacart purchases

Thanks to a new partnership between Delta SkyMiles and Instacart, it will be possible to earn SkyMiles for purchases with Instacart. Delta SkyMiles members who link their Instacart account can earn:

  • 1x miles per dollar spent with Instacart in the United States, excluding taxes, fees, and tips
  • 1.5x miles per dollar spent with Instacart Express, which is Instacart’s subscription service

Personally I value Delta SkyMiles at 1.1 cents each, so to me that’s like an incremental 1.1-1.65% return on Instacart spending. While hardly a game-changer, it’s better than nothing, and something that Instacart users might as well taken advantage of.

Instacart Express for Delta SkyMiles Medallion members

In addition to the ability to earn miles for Instacart purchases, Delta SkyMiles Medallion elite members can also receive a free trial to Instacart Express:

  • SkyMiles Silver and Gold Medallion elite members can receive a free three month Instacart Express trial
  • SkyMiles Platinum and Diamond Medallion members can receive a free 12 month Instacart Express trial

For those not familiar, Instacart Express is Instacart’s premium membership, providing free delivery on orders over $35, plus other savings benefits, like 5% back on all pickup orders. Note that these memberships will be set up to auto renew, so if you’re not interested in keeping your membership you’ll want to be sure to cancel before then.

Bottom line

Delta SkyMiles is launched a new partnership with Instacart. SkyMiles members can earn 1-1.5x miles per dollar spent with Instacart, plus Medallion elite members can take advantage of a free trial Instacart Express membership.

While we’ve seen all kinds of partnerships from Delta, including with Airbnb, Lyft, and Turo, this one is unique because it’s outside of the travel space. I guess the logic is that road warriors are away from home a lot and might have a greater appreciation for having their groceries delivered due to lack of time at home.

Will you take advantage of this new Delta SkyMiles & Instacart partnership?

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