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Tesla  (TSLA) – Get Tesla Inc Report has relocated its headquarters from Fremont, California to Austin, Texas. 

Elon Musk, its charismatic and whimsical CEO is also now domiciled there. In a few weeks, Texas and Austin, in particular, should undoubtedly adorn themselves with the colors of Tesla and above all display its logo, which is in the form of a capital T.

The billionaire has just lifted the veil on the date of Tesla giant party, the “GigaFest”, in its new factory in Austin. It’s like a sort of official inauguration day for this gigafactory and a full-scale seduction operation.

Musk is meeting Tesla fans on April 7, he posted on Twitter, responding to a question from a car enthusiast from the automaker. 

However, he got confused because he first spoke of April 1, before correcting himself almost four hours later. To wonder if he didn’t remember that April 1st was April Fool’s Day. Therefore, his fans and Tesla customers might have thought it was a joke.

“Wow,@elonmusk, Model Y coming out of GigaTexas looks so amazing, do y’all have a date for the GigaFest yet?” the fan asked the billionaire.

“April 1st,”Musk responded. 

Then, he corrected himself. “Actually, April 7th.”

To Participate You Must Have Been Invited.

According to an exchange between the CEO and another fan, guests in this high mass will receive an invitation card. Musk, however, did not indicate how the guests would be selected or when the invitations would be sent out. In Germany, guests have to register online before receiving their invitation.

“Will invites be sent out,” the user asked.

“Yes,” responded Musk.

These cryptic announcements were enough to create excitement on the social network. Many users saying they hope to be among the lucky ones. This is one of Elon Musk’s skills that he was able to deploy in Tesla: creating and arousing desire and desire.  

Giving the impression that when you drive in a Tesla car you are living a unique experience. You only have to look at Tesla’s market capitalization to measure its enormous success. The manufacturer of electric vehicles created in 2003 has a valuation of nearly $900 billion. No other automotive company comes close to these numbers.

In this case, Musk, whose Twitter account is followed by more than 74 million people at the time of writing, succeeded in three posts to make this upcoming GigaFest, an event not to be missed this year for all Tesla admirers. He succeeded in creating this fear of missing out.

“Ready to go!!Does this earn me an invite? I’ll drive my Plaid X and give launch rides!” a claimed owner of a Tesla vehicle.

Tesla’s Musk Send a Message to Competitors

Another user was wondering if there is a seating limit: ‘What is the cap on the number in attendance?” the user asked.

GigaFest is expected to draw a wave of Tesla fans to Austin in what promises to be a celebration of the T-logo brand. The manufacturer had given a foretaste by organizing a similar event on October 9, in its Berlin factory, still under construction, and Tesla is still waiting for the permit to start producing vehicles there.

We can imagine that the company sees things even bigger for Austin where production has just started. And there weren’t similar tensions in Austin as Tesla encountered in Berlin. 

The U.S is also, along with China, one of the most important markets for the brand. In addition, Tesla will undoubtedly not fail to take advantage of this event to send a message to its rivals (GM  (GM) – Get General Motors Company Report, Ford  (F) – Get Ford Motor Company Report Rivian  (RIVN) – Get Rivian Automotive, Inc. Class A Report, who all promise to steal its throne.

Tesla is likely to show visitors at the open house its 4680 cell structural batteries, which will be used in the Model Y SUV in Germany. These batteries will inaugurate a new platform, basically a new technique. 

The two ends of the Model Y will be connected by the battery pack, which will also serve as a connecting element. Tesla thus hopes with the 4680 cells to revolutionize the battery, the central element of the electric vehicle. It should be noted that the Austin plant will focus on the production of the Model Y.

The new architecture of the Model Y “Made in Germany” is inspired by the aviation and aerospace industry, where fuel tanks (found in aircraft wings, for example) often also fulfill a structural function.

The new structural batteries will be built in such a way that Model Y seats will attach directly to them, saving even more parts, space and money.

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