Richmond police looking to identify suspect in attack of mother at California McDonalds drive-thru line, caught on video – KGO-TV

RICHMOND, Calif. (KGO) — A mother was viciously attacked in front of her young children all because the perpetrator thought she cut her in line at a McDonald’s drive-thru in Richmond.

The situation, which happened earlier this month, escalates rapidly and all of it is caught on video.

The attack happened around 12:15p.m. on February 5, at the McDonalds at 2301 MacDonald Avenue near Richmond’s Civic Center.

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You can hear the mother trying to console her crying children in the video as they’re being threatened.

The confrontation takes a dangerous turn.

Police say when the mother got out of her car to check on the damage, the irate driver hit her, dragged her 150-feet across the McDonald’s parking lot.

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When she was on the ground injured, the suspect got out of her car and punched the mother several times before driving off.

Detectives call that driver violent and dangerous.

If you recognize the suspect, Richmond police say you can contact Detective O. Guzman at or 510-672-2493.

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