Texas Starbucks barista helps protect teen by leaving note on cup – New York Post

A Starbucks barista in Texas feared a teenager might have been in danger and came to her rescue by writing a message on a cup to give to her, the girl’s mom said.

Brandy Selim Roberson praised the employee for stepping in when her 18-year-old daughter was approached by a man she didn’t know while studying by herself at a Corpus Christi location.

“I guess [the man] was very loud and animated, you know. She wasn’t intimidated by it,” Roberson told News4 Antonio.

But the barista came over and handed the high school student a beverage, telling her it was “an extra hot chocolate someone forgot to pick up.”

On the cup, the employee had written a message that said, “Are you okay? Do you want us to intervene? If you do, take the lid off the cup.”

“She looked up, and all of the employees were all just staring at her, just ready to help. She was so touched by that,” Roberson told the news station.

Roberson said her daughter didn’t need the employees to intervene, but let the staff know she was okay. 

Customers are seen at the American multinational chain Starbucks Coffee store seen in Hong Kong.
An 18-year-old girl was approached by a man she didn’t know while studying by herself.
Budrul Chukrut/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images

“How grateful I am for people who look out for other people,” Roberson wrote in a Facebook post. “She said the whole team was watching over her the rest of the time she was there.”

The mother said she hopes other businesses train their staff to do the same.

“A great example for other people, for other businesses,” Roberson told the station. “I don’t know if that Starbucks trains their baristas that way, but if they do, bravo! If they don’t, my gosh, take a note, you know, from this crew.”

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