Hostage situation ends at Amsterdam Apple store – Deutsche Welle

Amsterdam police said they had apprehended a suspect who had taken a hostage an Apple Store in Amsterdam on Monday evening. Police added that the hostage was safe.

Earlier, police said they were dealing with a situation involving an armed person in a shop in Leidseplein, a typically busy square in downtown Amsterdam where the Apple store is located. 

They later confirmed it was an “ongoing hostage situation at the Apple Store.”

“To ensure the safety of all people involved we are not able to share information about the situation and/or actions taken by the police,” police said. 

Police did not specify how many people were in the shop, but said that several people were able to leave the building since the hostage situation started.

According to footage shared on social media, there was at least one person confronted by the armed man.

Het Parool newspaper reported that “dozens” of people who had been trapped in the building were released, but one hostage was still in the shop.

Leidseplein square was cleared and cordoned off, and A helicopter was flying over head.

Reports of an apparent robbery

Dutch public broadcaster NOS reported that the alleged robbery turned into a hostage situation.

According to local broadcaster AT5, witnesses said they heard gun shots. “I had to run for my life,” one witness was quoted as saying. 

Police responded to the incident that was reported at around 5:40 p.m. local time (1640 UTC). It was still ongoing two hours later.

fb/nm (AP, AFP, dpa, Reuters) 

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