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The Lucid Group is recalling more than 200 of its Air sedans over a possible safety issue stemming from the suspension.

According to Bloomberg, the California-based company said Tuesday there is a chance the front strut damper used in the car’s suspension was not assembled correctly by the part’s supplier.

That being said, Lucid is not aware of any instances where the part failed on the premium EV sedan, but it expects about one percent of the 203 potentially impacted cars to have the part incorrectly installed. Lucid Group itself issued the recall to prevent any issues.

That means there are probably two Lucid Airs out there with fugazi suspension. It could be yours if you were one of the people who splurged on the car. From Bloomberg:

“This condition may result in a sudden loss of ground clearance, vehicle vibration and front brake line damage, increasing the risk of a crash,” Lucid wrote in an email to customers that was seen by Bloomberg.

It should be said that the recall has already hurt the company. Shares of the automaker have fallen over four percent today.

Lucid Group CEO Peter Rawlinson

Lucid Group CEO Peter Rawlinson
Photo: Lucid

Lucid’s CEO Peter Rawlinson served as the chief engineer when Tesla was developing its Model S sedan. The company started production of its flagship Air sedan in September 2021. By October, those cars were being delivered to customers. That was later than initially planned due to quality concerns that may now be coming to fruition regardless.

Lucid reached out to us with a statement on the issue. It reads:

“Lucid Group, Inc. (Lucid) is recalling 203 model year 2022 Lucid Airs because of the possibility that the front strut dampers were assembled improperly by a supplier. Lucid is not aware of any instances of strut damper failure in a vehicle. This safety-related recall was initiated by Lucid.

For Lucid, the safety of our customers and their families is the highest priority, and we are working to resolve this issue as quickly as is possible. Lucid Service Centers and Lucid’s Mobile Service fleet have begun inspecting vehicles, and we have inventory of correct replacement parts if needed. Lucid estimates that the issue will be present on approximately 1% of the 203 potentially affected vehicles.

Lucid customers with questions are invited to contact Lucid Customer Care at 1-888-99LUCID.”

The Lucid Air can pack up to 1,111 horsepower or an EPA range of 520 miles, depending on which one your order. There are three trims: Range (933 horsepower and 520 miles of range), Performance (1,111 horsepower and 471 miles of range) and Touring (800 horsepower and 516 miles of range).

This seems to be the first major recall from Lucid. Think of it as sort of an automotive blooding in. Now it’s one of the automotive big boys, like Tesla, a company that has issued 10 recalls in the past four months.

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