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Credit card issuers generally don’t release all that many statistics about cardmember demographics, as they’d rather keep that info to themselves. That’s why I think some people will be interested in what Monkey Miles has found…

Amex Platinum cardmember stats

Departures is the magazine for Amex Platinum cardmembers. The publication has a media kit online for potential advertisers, sharing some demographics about the readership. Since the magazine is specifically for those with the Amex Platinum, I think it’s safe to assume that this is also intended to reflect Amex Platinum cardmember demographics.

According to this, the average Departures reader (and therefore average Amex Platinum cardmember):

  • Has a net worth of $4.3 million
  • Has a household income of $474,000
  • Is 56 years old
  • Owns 3.6 properties

Amex Centurion cardmember stats

In addition to Departures, there’s also the Centurion magazine, exclusively for Amex Centurion cardmembers. The Centurion Card is often referred to as “the Black Card,” and it’s invitation-only.

According to this, the average Centurion reader (and therefore average Amex Centurion cardmember):

  • Has a net worth of $11.4 million
  • Has a household income of $1.8 million
  • Is 57 years old
  • Owns 6.0 properties

These numbers are way higher than I was expecting

Let me again emphasize that the above numbers are according to a magazine for cardmembers, rather than from Amex directly. In other words, it’s possible that this comes from reader surveys rather than from Amex data. Nonetheless I think these are numbers people will find interesting.

A few thoughts based on these numbers:

  • All of these numbers seem way, way higher than I was expecting
  • I would imagine that the median net worth and income is significantly lower than the average, given that there are probably quite a few uber-wealthy cardmembers
  • 3.6-6 properties?!? Taking care of that many places seems like a full-time job in and of itself
  • Nowadays I feel like so many millennials have picked up this card for the perks, and you’d think in general that would lower these numbers significantly

Bottom line

The exclusive magazines for Amex Platinum and Centurion cardmembers have a media kit that shares some alleged statistics about readers (and therefore cardmembers). This includes net worth, income, age, and properties owned.

These numbers really surprised me — cardmembers are older, richer, and have more properties, than I would have expected.

What do you make of these alleged Amex cardmember demographics?

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