PCI SSC Participating Organizations Share Why You Should Join the Council in 2024


Collaboration is at the heart of the PCI Security Standards Council’s mission to help secure payment data globally. As a global forum, the Council brings together payments industry stakeholders to develop and drive implementation of data security standards and resources for safe payments worldwide. We seek involvement from all sectors of the payment card industry – merchants, service providers, banks, processors, hardware and software developers, point-of-sale vendors, etc. – to help secure payment data.

If you are affiliated with the payments industry, the Council would love to collaborate with you and gain insight from your perspective and expertise. How? Join our growing community of Participating Organizations and play an active part in helping secure the future of payments. But don’t just take our word for it. Hear what existing Participating Organizations have to say about their experience and why it is important to get involved: 


As a Participating Organization, you can make an impact by helping to reduce threats to payment security. Some benefits include: 

  • Influence and Collaboration: 
    • Play a key role in influencing the ongoing development of PCI Security Standards and help ensure that these standards are implemented globally to secure payment data.  
    • Impact the standards that impact you through the Request for Comments (RFC) process. Review and provide feedback on draft PCI Security Standards before they are published. 
  • Expand Knowledge:  
    • Stay informed on the latest PCI SSC updates with the PCI Monitor, the Council’s exclusive weekly newsletter for Participating Organizations.  
    • Take advantage of PCI Training to build your knowledge and connect with PCI SSC security experts and industry colleagues. 
  • Promote:  
    • Increase your visibility with your logo/company name displayed on the PCI SSC website.
    • Receive an exclusive PCI SSC Participating Organization logo for use on your website and marketing collateral. 

View our full list of PO Benefits by Tier here.  

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Did you know that you can join the Council as an Individual Participant? This is a great way for individuals who have a strong interest in payment security to gain access to and involvement with the PCI SSC without having to be part of an organization. Learn more about the benefits of joining as an Individual Participant here.  

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