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Welcome to America’s favorite liquor store.

Welcome to America’s favorite liquor store.
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Say what you will about the roast beef merchants at Arby’s—and god knows people have—but they will do what it takes to survive in the cutthroat world of fast food business. Over the years, the sandwich chain has advertised itself with a horrible little anime girl mascot, venison-based menu items, a Jon Stewart tribute sandwich, and the loudly publicized purchase of Pharrell’s big, Arby’s-shaped hat. It has, in short, done anything that would grab our attention long enough to remember that Arby’s does, in fact, still exist.

And now, slapping down further claim to your mental real estate like a warm piece of deli beef draping itself over a newly defrosted bun, Arby’s is putting out a french fry-flavored vodka.

The unimaginatively named Arby’s Vodka comes in both “curly fry” and “crinkle fry” varieties. The curly option is made with garlic, paprika, cayenne, and onion while the crinkle just uses sugar and kosher salt.

The vodka will be available in “extremely limited” quantities for “a limited time” on November 18th and 22nd and is made in partnership with a Minneapolis distiller called Tattersall Distilling. A single bottle goes for $59.99 and a bundle of both flavors will be available for $119.98.

Ad Age writes that the vodka—which is being advertised with the campaign slogan “Your favorite fries are now 80 proof”—will also be accompanied by recipes from Justin Sutherland over the coming weeks.

It’s been described by Arby’s chief marketing officer as providing “fans” with a way to enjoy “our menu from bag to bottle,” which, to be fair, is a good way of saying that Arby’s has cut out the middle man of getting super drunk before stumbling into a fast food restaurant.

Your move, Wendy’s. Now’s the time for baked potato vodka, cheeseburger gin, and Frosty liqueur.

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