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The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) is investigating Tesla’s self-driving software after someone filed a complaint that a car caused a crash while employing it.

In a complaint filed on Monday, a driver said he was beta testing a “Full Self-Driving” 2021 Tesla Model Y small SUV for Tesla when it caused a crash on a highway, The Associated Press reported

“The car went into the wrong lane and I was hit by another driver in the lane next to my lane,” the driver said, describing a Nov. 3 crash.

The driver said in the complaint that he tried to take control of the vehicle when he realized it was switching lanes, but the Tesla “forced itself into the incorrect lane, creating an unsafe maneuver putting everyone involved at risk.”

It is not clear where the crash occurred. Nobody was injured, although the car was severely damaged.

A spokesperson with the government agency said in a statement to the AP that they are working with Tesla to get more information into the crash.

NHSTA has previously asked Tesla for more information about its beta testing for its self-driving cars, according to the AP.

NHSTA opened a formal investigation into another Tesla driving software, Autopilot, in August following a series crashes involving Tesla drivers and emergency vehicles. Last month the agency questioned Tesla’s decision not to recall vehicles after the company issued an update resolving a prior safety defect with Autopilot software.

The Hill has reached out to NHTSA and Tesla for comment.

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