South Carolina woman gets $10 million after stepping on rusty nail at Walmart – New York Post

A South Carolina woman has been awarded $10 million by a jury for injuries sustained after stepping on a rusty nail at Walmart.

April Jones sued Walmart after she was injured shopping in a main aisle at one of the company’s stores in Florence, S.C. in June 2015.

Jones had to undergo multiple surgeries and eventually have her leg amputated as a result of an infection caused by the rusty nail, jurors were told during a five-day trial last week.

Jones initially had to have her second toe on her right foot amputated before three more toes were then removed.

Doctors then had to amputate her leg above the knee as a result of the infection.

Jones has been in a wheelchair for the last six years and has to rely on her adult children, her lawyers said.

A Florence woman who suffered multiple amputations after stepping on a rusty nail at Walmart has been awarded $10 million in damages, her lawyers announced
April Jones has been awarded $10 million in damages.
Anastopoulo Law Firm

The jury deliberated for about 100 minutes before awarding Jones the $10 million.

She is using the money to buy a prosthetic, make her home more wheelchair friendly and cover her medical expenses, according to her lawyers.

“The jury sent a message to Walmart that if you come into Florence County and injure one of their own, they will make sure that person is taken care (of),” Roy Willey, one of Jones’ attorneys from the Anastopoulo Law Firm, said in a statement.

“We are forever grateful.”

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