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Imagine that this plate is the size of a football field to mentally approximate the 850-pound brownie’s scale.

Imagine that this plate is the size of a football field to mentally approximate the 850-pound brownie’s scale.
Photo: Shannon O’Hara (Getty Images)

December 8th, the internet tells us, is National Brownie Day. On a website cataloging each of the “national days” we never know exist until a corporation uses them to help advertise their products, we’re told to celebrate this holiday by eating brownies with friends and family, and share recipes for varieties of the treat ranging from chocolate mint to cheesecake and cherry swirl flavors. Somehow, despite its importance to brownie history, the humble weed brownie goes unmentioned.

A Norwood, Massachusetts cannabis company called MariMed has remembered to pay its respects, however, and has unveiled an enormous weed brownie in proper recognition of this most important of December holidays.

HuffPost reports that the brownie weighs in at 850 pounds and measures “three feet wide, three feet long, and 15 inches high.” Aside from the “1,344 eggs, 250 pounds of sugar, 212 pounds of butter, 81 pounds of flour, and 122 pounds of cocoa powder” that went into its creation, the slab also “contains more than 20,000 milligrams of THC.”

A spokesperson from MariMed said the brownie’s construction required its bakers to “[build] a pallet and some supports to fortify the table it sat on,” took 24 hours to make, and has 4,000 times the THC content of the non-gigantic weed brownies it sells.

The edible monolith is now the biggest in the world, beating out the puny 243-pound brownie that Guinness World Records currently recognizes for the title. It won’t be given its proper due, though, since Guinness, according to a response published in the article, won’t include anything “related to the consumption, preparation, or use of tobacco, cannabis, or nicotine products.”

Even though it’s been unfairly maligned by the record-keeping company, MariMed says it will “sell the giant brownie to a medical marijuana patient in Massachusetts.”

Those of us who can only look upon the big brownie with awe should take inspiration from it and bake our own gooey weed monstrosities, ripping chunks of them off to gnaw on and get in the right kind of head space to really get the most out of today’s other big celebration: “Pretend To Be A Time Traveller Day.”

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