Inflation fee charged at local restaurant discontinued after negative feedback – WHIO Radio

HUBER HEIGHTS — Submarine House has discontinued charging an “inflation fee” at some Dayton-area locations after the franchise experimented with the plan for three days.

A customer contacted News Center 7 after she spotted the extra charge on her receipt on Thursday.

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“I was a little shocked that when I looked down at my receipt there was an inflation fee,” said Annette Saylor, who visits one of the restaurant’s locations a couple times a month. “I had never seen it on any other purchase I’d made at any other restaurant.”

But, it was legitimate and it was being charged due to rising prices.

“With the skyrocketing costs of everything from raw goods to materials to labor, we were exploring the inflation fee as an option in lieu of an overall price increase,” said Kelsey Mears, director of franchise sales at Submarine House. “We received some pretty negative feedback that made us reconsider and we decided against it after three days.”

After doing the test, Submarine House said it will have to move forward with an overall price increase for its products.

“It’s not the amount, it’s just the principle of it,” Saylor said. “I just think it should have been up front.”

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